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The writings of Lawrence Segel MD

The writings of Lawrence Segel MD, medical journalist and novelist.

Squaring the Circle II: The Dark Brothers


Squaring the Circle II: The Dark Brothers


"...continues Segel's daring exploration of the sinister, and makes a compelling case that one can never truly escape the sins of the past."

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2013 | ManTao Publishing | 226 pgs | $14.95 + $5.95 shipping

Dr. David Kestenberg is a rational thinker with a deep interest in the occult. After an unusual invitation arrives at his office, David finds himself on a collision course with the Dark Brothers, a strangely powerful duo with an unhealthy interest in his daughter. Drawn into a dangerous battle against forces much stronger than his own, David is determined to stop the evil that lurks in the shadows, and protect his family at all costs.

"David Kestenberg has grown up – and so have the troubled spirits he attracts. The Dark Brothers is a worthy sequel and a thought-provoking meditation on the terrible sacrifices that must be considered to save the ones we love." – RS

"Dark Brothers and dark themes mixed with dark humor – Segel’s complex mythology will engage non-believers and satisfy fans of the occult alike.” – TR