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The writings of Lawrence Segel MD, medical journalist and novelist.

Informed Consent

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Informed Consent


A thrilling tale of the battle between egos, ethics, life and death in a cynical – but realistic – exploration of a hospital in crisis.

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2013 | ManTao Publishing | 220 pgs | $14.95 + $5.95 shipping

Terry Fine seems to have it made. He’s an up-and-coming resident at University Hospital, surrounded by beautiful nurses and the promise of a bright future. But when a routine procedure leads to a patient’s death, and Terry is wrongly implicated as a key player, his world starts to turn upside down. Threats of legal action and pressure from hospital administrators to deny any wrongdoing leave Terry racing to save his career, and possibly his life.

"This is a must-read tale for any doctor, nurse, or health care professional who wants to understand how hospitals really work. Informed Consent may be set in a bygone era of medicine, but beneath its twists and turns lies a cautionary and very contemporary tale about power and politics.” – PW

"Informed Consent energetically reveals an unsettling truth about modern medicine’s recent past: that the concept of “heal thy patient” often took a back seat to “cover thine ass.”  – CF