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The writings of Lawrence Segel MD

The writings of Lawrence Segel MD, medical journalist and novelist.

Squaring the Circle


Squaring the Circle


"Segel delivers a dark thriller that will have the most scientific minds wondering if Squaring the Circle belongs in the fact or fiction isle."

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2012 | ManTao Publishing | 190 pgs | $14.95 + $5.95 shipping

When his colleague at the graveyard is found dead, David Kestenberg lands squarely in the middle of an otherworldly mystery that may claim more lives. A third year medical student, he attempts to find logical answers to the disquieting events he experienced at the gravesite where the mystery begins. When the lovely Gilda joins the team for the balance of the summer, David discovers that a journey into his past may eventually resolve the question of his future.

“Squaring the circle may be an impossible equation, but Segel’s book offers answers that defy logic.” RS

“It is difficult to understand the depths of depravity to which man can sink. Dr. Segel’s atypical ghost story addresses humankind’s darkest history, yet shines light on the possibility of finding redemption through alternative, otherworldly forces.” KD